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Loved veg biryani. Very flavorful. tasty and right amount of oil. Highly recommend it.

- shubhangi ravinder

Had tavva fish and biryani take out today and it was best, reminds me of hyderabad haleem.

- Sharath Dandemraju

We ordered paneer tikka and dosa . Both were tasty and good price. Will recommend this place.

- Christina A

About us

With more than 50 locations in the USA, and being featured in the FORBES, Paradise Biryani Pointe is already a renowned and proven name in the Indian food arena. And we are proud to be part of such a group that has striven to meet the culinary expectations of its customers over the years.

To put our "About us" story in simple words, we are a bunch of extremely-hard-to-please foodies, and hope that your quest for an Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani and fresh Indian food comes to an end at our new restaurant.

We believe, serving a delicious meal isn't just enough, a relaxing ambiance, nostalgic music and a courteous service is what makes it a wholesome meal.

The underlying idea is to give our diners an experience to relish and cherish, and ensure they step out with a smile, and keep coming back!

Signature Dishes

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Whoever said "Biryani is Happiness" was so damn right! We at Paradise take pride in striving to serve the perfect biryani that we grew up eating back home in Hyderabad. Of the dozens of Biryani's that the Indian cuisine has to offer from various regions, and here's how we would describe our very own Hyderabadi Biryani.

Succulent chunks of flavorful meat and subtle spices bringing out the fragrant layered rice in its full glory. The masala tickling your palate and the touch of tanginess flirting with your senses. Close your eyes and everything falls perfectly into a place to create a delightful experience of eating an authentic Hyderabadi Biryani.

Qubani Ka Meetha

No true Hyderabadi meal is complete without Qubani Ka Meetha. The taste of this dish is quintessential Hyderabad. If the Charminar had a taste, it would be this! This dessert delicacy is commonly served in weddings and a "must-eat" dessert after a Biryani.

Dried apricots slow cooked to perfection, sweetened and served with fresh cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with only a handful of ingredients going into making this dessert, it's a classic example of how some things can be heavenly when brought together magically!


Paradise offers professional catering services and is always ready to serve your special event.

No matter how small or large the event, whether it's a wedding reception, birthday party, corporate event or any other special occasions we have a variety of foods to select from with affordable pricing, for all your Indian catering needs.

Contact us

Rain or shine, it's always a good time to have a BIRYANI! Please stop by to have a soul comforting meal or call us to know about our specials.

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